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Saturday June 24, 2017
When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known,
and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father.
But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty
and it is you who are that poverty."
Gospel of Thomas 3
An ancient saying over the doorway of the Sanctuary at Delphi dedicated to Apollo was,
"Know Thyself!" *

Today Psychology is considered the study of the personality or soul of a person.  It is
commonly assumed that one can become sick in the physical, the mental, and/or the spirit
or soul.

One way to understand and, possibly, alleviate sickness is to know oneself completely and
there are various ways one can begin to learn how.  It is not always necessary to seek the
help of a psychiatrist or psychologist when at first one enters the path of self knowledge.
There are various ways to enter that path by oneself.

One of the goals of this website is to introduce and try various ways to seek self
knowledge.  Not everyone will take to every method discussed here, but to keep an open
mind to possibilities is all that is asked.
At present I live in a Senior Residence with 86 other seniors of both genders and mixed
abilities.  We are between the ages of 55 and 97 years old.  Some of us use a cane or a
walker and a couple of us are confined to motor movers.  We live as peacefully as we can,
but sometimes discord erupts and we have been known to get testy with one another!

I am the volunteer chaplain here and I have a Sabbath Devotion on Saturday morning with
communion service.  I send cards to those in the hospital and those that suffer a death in
their family or an illness that keeps them confined to their apartments.

My orientation is Progressive Christian which means to me that I am more interested in
good works in faith rather than doctrines or dogma.

I was ordained in 1993 in a Metaphysical denomination after receiving a Masters Degree
from Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, VA. I graduated from George Williams College
with a minor in Counseling Psychology in 1977. In 2010 I received a Doctorate in Divinity
from College of Divine Metaphysics and finished my schooling with a Chaplain Certificate
from St. James College in 2012.

I was married for 56 years to Len Gagliardi who died on October 4, 2014.  October 4th is
the feast day of Saint Francis, my favorite saint, and I took that as a positive sign that Len
is being very well taken care of.

I have another website that is attached to another interest; Astrology.  I have kept that site
for many years and will as long as I am able.

Many blessings,

J. Sue Gagliardi